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Resilient Restorations


Short fiber-reinforced bulk fill


Membrane-reinforced bulk fill doses


Short fiber-reinforced flowable

Effortless Improvement

Experience fiber-reinforced DENTIN and FLOW composites, designed for exceptional handling while delivering superior performance and enhanced fracture resistance.

Application of Fibrafill Flow composite in tooth cavity for seamless restoration.

Seamless Restoration Foundation

Fibrafill® FLOW provides a seamless lining of large cavities, while Fibrafill® DENTIN substitutes the dentine layer and creates a strong foundation for extensive restorations.

Revolutionary Restoration Blocks

Fibrafill® CUBE revolutionizes dental restoration with its pre-formed, membrane-reinforced blocks, offering unparalleled ease of use for restoring, strengthening and protecting very compromised teeth.

Fibrafill CUBE dental restoration blocks, easy to use, strengthens and protects compromised teeth.
Fibrafill Flowable Bulk-Fill package

Fibrafill® Reinforced Dental Composites: Revolutionizing Dentistry

In the ever-evolving world of dentistry, the Fibrafill® reinforced dental composites stand out with their superior durability and innovative design. The Fibrafill® series is a result of years of research and expertise in dental material science, offers a revolutionary approach to dental restoration. These microhybrid, radiopaque, light-curing composites incorporate fiber reinforcement that significantly enhances their structural integrity, making them the ideal choice for extensive dental restorations. Their universal dentin shade and optimized handling properties ensure seamless integration and unparalelled fracture resistance, catering to the modern dentist's needs for reliable, long-lasting solutions.

Revolutionising Dentistry

Why Fibrafill®?

  • Minimising polymerization stress thanks to optimized composition and presence of reinforcing fibers.

  • Widening the possibilities of conservative methods of hard tissue restoration.

  • Reduces the risk of cracks and secondary caries in fillings and surrounding dental tissues, the most common types of restoration failure.

Benefits of Fibrafill for dental restorations, reducing polymerization stress, widening restoration methods, increasing durability and adhesion.
  • Significantly extends the service life and improves the toughness of restorations through comprehensive reinforcement.

  • Designed to mimic natural dentin for biomimetic restorations with unparalleled durability.

  • Reinforcing fibers increase adhesion between individual layers of the composite on the principle of micromechanical retention.

    Why Fibrafill?
    Application of Fibrafill CUBE dental restoration block in tooth cavity, innovative dosage, braided reinforcing lamina.

    Fibrafill® CUBE

    Innovative dosage, Braided Reinforcing Lamina

    Fibrafill® CUBE is a groundbreaking solution for dental restoration, featuring a pre-packaged, discrete application block system that simplifies the restoration process while eliminating risks of cross-contamination. Its continuous glass fiber membrane integration through advanced production technologies like Fiber Membrane Integration (FMI) and Monomer Embedded Fibers (MEF) enhances its mechanical properties, providing unparalleled support and resistance to stress concentration in large restorations. This innovative approach not only increases the longevity of the restoration but also maintains the integrity of marginal seals under high occlusal loads.

    Application of Fibrafill Dentin dental restoration material in tooth cavity, robust and condensable solution.

    Fibrafill® DENTIN

    The Backbone of Dental Restoration

    As a substitute for natural dentin, Fibrafill® DENTIN provides a robust and condensable solution that seamlessly blends with the tooth's natural structure. Its unique formulation includes dispersed reinforcement with substantial content of sub-micron fibers, offering enhanced toughness and resistance against mechanical failure. Optimized for easy handling and superb condensability, Fibrafill® DENTIN is designed to withstand the complexities of large cavity fillings and core build-ups, providing a dependable foundation for further restorative procedures.

    Application of Fibrafill Flow dental composite in tooth cavity, flowable precision with enhanced toughness.

    Fibrafill® FLOW

    Flowable Precision with Enhanced Toughness

    Fibrafill® FLOW redefines the standards for flowable dental composites with its unique blend of low-viscosity and high-performance fibers. Designed for easy application, its thixotropic properties allow for bubble-free adaptation, ensuring flawless coverage over the adhesion base. The integration of sub-micron inorganic fibers not only imparts exceptional durability but also contributes to its superior fracture resistance, making it an excellent choice for both minimal invasive preparations and challenging restorative conditions.


    Indication range

    Packaging of Fibrafill Flow composite for class I and II fillings, minimally invasive preparations.

    Fibrafill® FLOW

    Bases for composite fillings of class I and II, fillings with minimally invasive preparations (occlusion fillings outside the area of direct load), fillings of class III and V, blocking of undercuts, pre-endodontic and post-endodontic restorations, core restorations, etc.

    Packaging of Fibrafill Cube for large composite restorations, deep cavities, pre- and post-endodontic restorations.

    Fibrafill® CUBE

    Large composite restorations of class I, II and V, including large combined cavities in the posterior area, deep cavities in endodontically treated teeth, pre-endodontic and post-endodontic restorations, core restorations, etc. (recommended combination of Fibrafill® FLOW and DENTIN – a base and a filling of required volume of the restoration or filling).

    Packaging of Fibrafill Dentin for composite fillings, deep cavities, pre- and post-endodontic restorations.

    Fibrafill® DENTIN

    Composite fillings of class I, II and V, deep cavities in endodontically treated teeth, pre-endodontic and post-endodontic restorations, core restorations, etc.

    Indication Range

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      Fibrafill Cube Bulk-fill Package


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      • Dr. Jeffrey Hoos
        Chief Dentist in Connecticut, USA, affiliated with leading dental and facial esthetics academies.

        “The success in a private practice is assured when you find materials and methods that give you beautiful, predictable clinical results that can be done in a reproducible and timely manner. I call it BALANCING: Art, Science & Business of Dentistry. Fibrafill® CUBE is a great addition in my clinical practice to help me achieve that BALANCING.”

      • Dr. Tomáš Slavíček
        Masaryk University, Faculty od Medicine, Private Practitioner, Brno, Czech Republic

        “Fibrafill® system includes high-tech materials that are very easy to handle and have a great potential for restoring functionality of severely damaged teeth and protection of remaining hard dental tissues.”

      • Dr. Hana Hubálková
        Associate Professor at Charles University, Prague, leading in prosthodontics and member of European associations.

        “Fibrafill® CUBE is a filling materil reinforced with continuous glass fiber membrane. The material has universal use to improve mechanical resistance of direct and indirect resto- rations of decayed teeth, post-endodontic restorations of clinical crowns in posterior area and composite onlays and overlays.”

      • Dr. Eric van Zytveld
        University of Colorado, School of Dentistry, Private Practitioner, Denver, Colorado, USA

        "Fibrafill® CUBE strengthens teeth in a conservative manner. The cubes are very useful for restoring wide composite restorations which are under high occlusal stress and for sta- bilization of cracked teeth that do not need crowns."

      • Dr. Nikhil Bahuguna
        Director and Chief Dentist at Demystifying Smiles, Noida, India, with international dental qualifications and leadership roles.

        “Fibrafill® CUBE has added a new dimensions to the cause of saving teeth. The enhanced support it provides to the previously weakened tooth structure gives the dentist the ability to save and strengthen the structural integrity of the tooth for a better and a more stable stomatognathic system. Being an avid user of Dentapreg® UFM mesh, Fibrafill® CUBE has made it even easier to practice stress-free dentistry adding longevity and balance to the restorations.”

      • Dr. Marc Gottlieb
        Associate Clinical Professor, University Hospital at Stony Brook, Chief Dentist at Anxiety Free Dental Care, New York, USA

        "Fibrafill® CUBE with its imbedded fibers easy adapts to the preparation providing a mo- re durable and conservative restoration."

      • Dr. Marian Fanica
        Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Private Practicioner, Bucharest, Romania

        "A time-saving product with low shrinkage and no compromise on resistance."

      • Dr. Krishna Vyas
        Indian Board of Endodontics, Department of Conservtive Dentistry & Endodontics, Ayush Health University, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Raipur Multispeciality Dental Hospital, Raipur, India

        "My trust in glass fiber mesh concept has gone up multiple folds after witnessing many years of follow-ups of my cases wherein Dentapreg® UFM was used to reconstruct crowns and large restorations. The new product, Fibrafill® CUBE, along with the same good old properties also has an added advantage of much more convenient placement, thus making the restoration procedure much simpler."