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Fibrafill Flow

Short fiber Flowable


Fibrafill Dentin

Short fiber Bulk Fill


Fibrafill CUBE

Membrane Bulk Fill doses


Dentapreg VEIL

Lab Restoration Reinforcement


Dentapreg BRAID

Lab Anterior Bridge


Dentapreg BUNDLE

Lab Posterior Bridge


Dentapreg MESH PINK

Denture Reinforcement

From $395.00

Dentapreg PFM

Anterior Bridge

From $98.00

Dentapreg PFU

Posterior Bridge

From $98.00

Dentapreg PINPOST

Crown Retention

From $76.00

Dentapreg SFM


From $98.00

Dentapreg SFU

Splinting & Reinforcement

From $98.00

Dentapreg UFM

Restorations Reinforcement

From $98.00


Reinforcement Manipulation



Reinforcement Manipulation



Dentapreg® is a constructive composite, a new class of fiber reinforced composite material suitable for building structures such as dental splints, temporary bridges and large restorations.

Fibrafill® is a microhybrid, radiopaque, light-curing composite material designed for the replacement of dentin layer in large fillings and restorations.


  • Dr. Jeffrey Hoos
    Chief Dentist in Connecticut, USA, affiliated with leading dental and facial esthetics academies.

    “Doing beautiful restorative dentistry, based on great science, with a business model in mind, enhances the ability to have a successful practice. Dentapreg® restorative and prosthetic materials ensure that the BALANCE is achieved.  Would not want to practice without Dentapreg®.”

  • Dr. David J. Poiman
    Private Practitioner in Manhattan, New York, and Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry.

    “I am thoroughly impressed by the exceptional quality of the Dentapreg® fibre reinforcement and the Fibrafill® dentin-based materials. Their strength and durability are commendable, ensuring longevity and reliability in various dental procedures. The ease of handling of these materials offers unparalleled convenience, allowing for precise application and seamless integration into dental practices. I particularly appreciate how these materials enhance workflow efficiency, ultimately benefiting both practitioners and patients. Overall, I highly recommend these materials to dental professionals seeking top-notch performance and reliability in their practice.”

  • Dr. Tomáš Slavíček
    Masaryk University, Faculty od Medicine, Private Practitioner, Brno, Czech Republic

    “Dentapreg® fiber-reinforced composite materials clearly expand the field of our options to restore functionality of hard dental tissues. Reliability, stability and durability is what really matters.”

  • Dr. Hana Hubálková
    Associate Professor at Charles University, Prague, leading in prosthodontics and member of European associations.

    “Dentapreg® is a comprehensive set of construction composite materials. These materials are widely used in dentistry, mainly due to their excellent mechanical characteristics. They can be advantageously used as splints, framework structures of adhesive bridges, reinforcements of temporary fixed bridges, reinforcements of fixed and removable restorations including hybrids anchored on implants, reinforcements of radices and completion of destroyed clinical tooth crowns. The Dentapreg® system meets the requirements of both esthetic and minimally invasive dentistry.”

  • Dr. Eric van Zytveld
    University of Colorado, School of Dentistry, Private Practitioner, Denver, Colorado, USA

    “Dentapreg fiber-reinforced composites have been an important part of my practice for over eleven years.  The SFM reinforced periodontal splints and PFM reinforced anterior bridges have given years of service.  In October 2023, I examined a periodontal splint from tooth #22 to tooth #27 which was placed in March 2013. The splint has never broken and the only maintenance was reattaching tooth #23 to the splint in November 2017.  An anterior bridge to replace tooth #23 was placed in July 2014 and is still performing well.”

  • Dr. Nikhil Bahuguna
    Director and Chief Dentist at Demystifying Smiles, Noida, India, with international dental qualifications and leadership roles.

    “Restorative dentistry, a name synonymous with BioMimetic Dentistry requires the use of materials and techniques mimicking nature. The use of stress reducing and dissipating materials like the Dentapeg® fiber reinforcement and the Fibrafill® range of flowable and bulk-fill dentin based composites has made a huge difference in the bio-mechanical outlook of doing restorations in my practice. The physical properties which match the natural flexure give stronger and longer lasting core restorations and the minimally invasive radicular reinforcement protecting against cracks and fractures of the tooth-restoration complex  is the biggest asset in saving the teeth for long term success. The unique, pre-impregnated, flexible glass fiber technology is a boon, helping us dentists save, restore and rehabilitate human dentition with predictability and enables us to provide clinical longevity with ease.”